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Fox Valley Montessori Academy is a registered Wisconsin Private School regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Our Early Childhood school educates students twelve weeks through six years old using Montessori methods and materials with a high-attachment and emotional and social literacy focus. Our unique curriculum offers yoga, language, music, and organic from-scratch gourmet meals as well as a focus on nature and life skills.


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What is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori method of education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and anthropologist who devoted her life to understanding how children develop. Montessori education incorporates individualized, child-led learning, allowing the child to freely explore their surroundings and form their own observations. Montessori curriculum uses the five pillars of Respect for the Child, The Absorbent Mind, Sensitive Periods, The Prepared Environment, and AutoEducation, all while exposing the child to sensorial, emotional, social, physical, and practical life skills. 


Why Choose Fox Valley Montessori Academy?

Our school features aesthetic classrooms with low child-to-guide ratios, and a large natural playground. 


"We have a 4 year old and a 2 year old who have attended FVMA since they were 3 months old. From the first day, FVMA has provided a safe, comfortable, and loving learning environment for our children, and we couldn't happier with our decision to enroll there. We are so impressed with the positive impact that FVMA has had our children and how their attendance there has clearly accelerated their social, cognitive, and communication skills. We constantly get compliments from people about how well mannered and well spoken our children are. As well, we will be enrolling our twin babies there for the spring semester 2020 and would absolutely recommend FVMA to any parents who inquire with us."


Bryan and Amanda W.


Of all things, love is the most potent.

-Dr. Maria Montessori       

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