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We are expanding!

 Fox Valley Montessori, Inc, is growing our school into a new, state-of-the-art 11,000 sq ft building, and raising money to provide scholarships to diversify our school family and make our gold standard early childhood education more accessible to families from all walks of life.

We are in the beginning stages of building our brand new school, which will feature:

  • Gymnasium

  • Large indoor greenhouse adjacent to a community kitchen

  • Child-sized appliances, counters, and equipment

  • The latest in security features

  • Edible landscaping on two acres with prairie restoration

  • Parent storage for car seats and custom child cubbies

  • Infant/Toddler Pass-through stations with fully equipped bathing, changing, and full-sized appliances

  • Easy in and out parking

  • Reception, mud room, teacher lounge, meeting space, more bathrooms

  • 11,000 sq ft of beautifully appointed Montessori space

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Starting out the summer right- dirty and

Updates and What's Next

  • ​Right now, we are searching for the perfect lot of land to start building​ and raising our down payment.  We want easy access to the highway but some privacy.  We are partnering with Utschig and The Bank of Kaukauna on our growth!  Consider donating - every dollar helps us build and support families in our community!