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Children's House

Ages 2.5-6 years

First House

Ages 1-2.5 years

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The Nest

Ages 6 weeks-1 year

Our Natural Playground


Special Programs


We believe that nutrition is one of the most important aspects to a healthy and happy childhood, and that is why our menu is comprised of organic, from-scratch meals that our children help prepare with our chef. Many of our ingredients come from our large vegetable and herb garden that the children assist with during the summer months.  


Our small friends love to practice yoga and meditation!

This helps develop balance, coordination, strength, and mindfullness- plus it's a lot of fun!

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All classes enjoy learning American Sign Language immersed in our every day discussions and learning periods.  Learning ASL has been proven to increase literacy and verbal language skills for children.

Music and Art

The children have access to beautiful music and art materials that they can choose during their work period, and enjoy expressing themselves creatively.  We do not do the same craft or ready-made art concept - the children choose their art through their own interests which boosts their learning and creativity.  The children have access to listening and exploring all genres of music.